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        Alcohol and carbohydrate fast separation column
        • USP L17; 6% cross-linked sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene resin, Form H
        • Separation time is less than six minutes
        • pH range 0-14
         Dilute sulfuric acid to make lotion
        The alcohol and carbohydrate rapid analytical column separates the more hydrophobic compounds in the sample that require accurate determination of ethanol. The undiluted or diluted sample can be injected into the column only by filtration. The use of columns with short diameters can greatly improve the resolution, improve the peak shape and improve the detection limit.

        Operating Conditions 

        Column Type: Stainless Steel
        Dimensions: 100mmx7.8mm
        Detection: RI
        Sample Volume: 10 µ L
        Flow Rate: 0.7ml/min
        Temperature: 50℃
        Eluent: 0.003 NH2SO4