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DIAION? HP series SEPABEADS? SP series
Name: DIAION? HP series SEPABEADS? SP series
Description:Capable of advanced separation and purification in chromatographic separation of products thanks to smaller particle size than DIAION™ HP20 and SP207, which have excellent adsorption properties. This series consists of HP20SS, SP20SS with smaller particle size, and SP207SS.
DIAION? HP series SEPABEADS? SP series
Name: DIAION? HP series SEPABEADS? SP series
Description:The Synthetic Adsorbents are cross-linked polymer spheres which provide specific surface area of 500-1200m2/dry-g with their porous structure. Available products include the aromatic-based HP series, the aromatic-based SP series, and the methacrylate ester-based HP2MG. They are used for the adsorption purification of peptides, proteins, polyphenols, cephalosporin C, etc. as well as for the removal of bitter-tasting substances from fruit juices.
DIAION? CR series
Name: DIAION? CR series
Description:A chelating resin has a functional group that is capable of forming a chelate(complex) with a metal ion. The specific metals that can form chelates with the functional group can be captured. In the DIAION™ CR Series, there are three product types:(1) for common metals -- DIAION™ CR11 with the iminodiacetic acid functional group,(2) for metals other than alkali metals(Na, K, etc.) or alkaline earth metals(Ca, Mg, etc.) -- DIAION™ CR20 with the polyamine group, and(3) for selectively capturing boric acid --- CRB03 and CRB05 with the methylglucamide group.

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