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XSelect Columns

XSelect™ HPLC Columns are designed for scientists who routinely perform chromatographic method development. These chromatographic columns provide a diverse selection of sorbents to help separate the most difficult analyte co-elutions.
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XSelect Columns

Selectivity Matters

XSelect™ HPLC Columns are designed for scientists who routinely perform chromatographic method development. These chromatographic columns provide a diverse selection of sorbents to help separate the most difficult analyte co-elutions.

XSelect Columns are:

1、Designed for selectivity – improve your ability to separate co-eluting peaks

2、Ideal for rapid method development – reduce the time and cost spent developing methods

3、Intended for isolation and purification – highest analyte mass loading available

Particle Technologies

Waters offers XSelect HPLC columns with Charged Surface Hybrid(CSH) and High Strength Silica(HSS) particle technologies.

Based on Waters patented Ethylene-Bridged Hybrid(BEH) particle technology, CSH particles incorporate a low-level surface charge, designed to improve sample loadability and peak asymmetry in low-ionic-strength mobile phases, while maintaining the mechanical and chemical stability inherent in BEH particle technology.

Advantages of CSH Technology include:

1、Superior peak shape for basic compounds

2、Increased loading capacity

3、Rapid column equilibration after changing mobile-phase pH

4、Improved batch-to-batch reproducibility

5、Excellent stability at low pH

HSS technology was developed specifically to complement the chromatographic performance of the more hydrophobic BEH and CSH particles. When compared to ethylene-bridge-containing BEH and CSH particles, the higher silanophilicity of the 100% silica HSS particle offers significant advantages including increase polar compound retention and significantly different selectivity. Additionally, the HSS particle possesses the mechanical strength necessary to tolerate UPLC pressures. The HSS particle is the first and only 100% silica-based particle designed, tested and intended for both HPLC and UPLC separations at up to1034 bar.

Column Chemistries: Charged Surface Hybrid

Waters full line of state-of-the-art XSelect HPLC Columns includes:

1、XSelect CSH C18 columns - general purpose columns that provide alternative selectivity compared to other C18 sorbents.

2、XSelect CSH Fluoro-Phenyl columns - designed to maximize selectivity differences and provide maximum method development freedom, especially when using low-pH mobile phases.

3、XSelect CSH Phenyl-Hexyl columns - provide alternative analyte selectivity compared to traditional reversed-phase columns and are a valuable tool for method development. es at low pH.


Column Chemistries: High Strength Silica

1、XSelect HSS C18 columns - the most stable commercially available bonded phase for low-pH mobile phases and do not suffer from peak shape issues that plague older stationary phases.

2、XSelect HSS C18 SB columns - intended for low pH separations that contain complex mixtures of basic and non-basic compounds.

3、XSelect HSS PFP columns - a non-endcapped silica-based HPLC column designed for low-pH separations that require alternative selectivity compared to a fully endcapped, high coverage C18 phase.

4、XSelect HSS CN columns - an ultra-performance general purpose propyl cyano bonded phase that provides superior peak shape for bases, increased retention, and extremely long column lifetim


Increased Selectivity

Method development scientists use selectivity and retentivity to influence chromatographic behavior. The selection of phases in the XSelect family offers the ability to achieve selectivity and retention of a wide variety of compounds by using different base particles. The XSelect HSS and CSH particles provide enhanced selectivity for acidic, alkaline and neutral compounds. The XSelect CSH Phenyl-Hexyl column places more emphasis on reversed-phase interactions compared to secondary Lewis-base interaction. The XSelect HSS C18 SB column was engineered to provide enhanced retention for basic polar compounds using low-pH mobile phases. When compared to a standard C18 phase, XSelect HSS T3 columns provide increased retention for polar compounds,


Isolation and Purification

The scalability and versatility of XSelect CSH columns allow them to be used by the isolation and purification scientist as powerful method development tools. The hybrid materials used to create the CSH stationary phases are known industry-wide for being the most pressure-tolerant columns on the market. Rugged performance combined with OBD packing technology produces columns that have exceptional column lifetimes under a wide range of operating conditions. The scalability inherent in the column design allows the purification scientist to choose from larger to smaller and narrower preparative columns to reduce solvent consumption and fraction volumes.


Method Development Flexibility

ACQUITY UPLC CSH and XSelect Columns offer method development scientists in all application areas a very wide range of selectivities without compromising performance attributes such as superior peak shape for basic compounds, low column bleeds, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, high efficiency, etc. Chromatographic laboratories can quickly and easily develop robust methods that are compatible with all modern chromatographic detection modes and are also transferrable to laboratories and sites that operate different LC system platforms.

VanGuard Column Protection

The often complex sample matrices encountered in pharmaceutical, natural product, environmental, and industrial chemical analysis prematurely shorten analytical column lifetime and degrade chromatographic performance. Waters VanGuard Cartridge Columns help improve analytical column performance by removing particulate and chemical contamination that may be present in the mobile-phase stream—without compromising chromatographic performance.


ACQUITY UPLC and XSelect Peptide CSH C18 130A Columns

Waters Charged Surface Hybrid(CSH) Particle Based, Peptide Columns. Outstanding peptide mass loading capability that maintains high peak capacities using either 0.1% FA- or 0.1% TFA-containing eluents. Best suited for compounds less than 10,000 Daltons and delivers different separation selectivity than seen on BEH C18, 130A material. Scalable 1.7 μm, 3.5 μm, 2.5 μm XP, and Prep 5 μm that address application needs. Specifically QC tested with tryptic digests of cytochrome c using 0.1% FA-containing eluent to ensure column-to-column consistency in validated methods.


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