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Name: YMC-Pack ODS-A
Description:ODS-A is a high coverage, fully endcapped C18 phase which exhibits exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility. ODS-A columns are noted for their high efficiency, selectivity and long lifetimes.
Name: YMC-Pack ODS-AM
Description:ODS-AM is a high carbon load C18 packing that is similar in selectivity to ODS-A. The major difference between these bonded phases is that ODS-AM has extremely tight specification criteria which provides excellent peak shape and more reproducible separation.
Name: YMC-Pack ODS-AQ
Description:ODS-AQ is a unique reversed-phase material with both a hydrophobic high carbon loading and a relatively hydrophilic surface. Because of the hydrophilic surface, ODS-AQ can be "wetted" with polar eluents. ODS-AQ provides chromatographers reproducible retention and excellent peak shape in highly aqueous eluents even 100% water. That is difficult with conventional ODS packings.
Name: YMC-Pack ODS-AL
Description:ODS-AL is a non-endcapped high carbon load monomeric C18 phase. It is used only in those situations where residual sianol activity is beneficial to the separation. It is not recommended for the analysis of amines or other compounds with basic functional groups present as peak tailing may occur.
YMC-Pack Polymer C18
Name: YMC-Pack Polymer C18
Description:Polymer C18(TM) is prepared from a hydrophilic methacrylate polymer bonded with a hydrophobic octadecylsilane(ODS) reagent. Because of this, Polymer C18 is compatible with all standard based ODS reversed-phase solvents and has a much broader pH range than silica-based ODS. Compounds such as organic acids, organic amines, peptides, pharmaceuticals and proteins can be analyzed using Polymer C18(TM).
YMC-Pack C8
Name: YMC-Pack C8
Description:C8 is the most commonly used column type following C18. YMC Octyl columns are prepared from exhaustive bonding of a monomeric octylsilane to totally spherical and porous silica gels. The functionalized silica is then treated with a endcapping process. This produces a moderate 10% carbon loading on the standard 120Å pore material.
YMC-Pack C4
Name: YMC-Pack C4
Description:YMC-Pack C4(Butyl) columns are less hydrophobic than C8 or C18 packings, and generally utilize more aqueous eluents than either of these reversed phase column types. When compared to C8 and C18 columns using the same eluent, C4 columns show significantly shorter retention for non-polar compounds. Retention of polar compounds, however, is not significantly affected. Therefore, mixtures with a wide range of component polarity are best analyzed by YMC Butyl. This is because the butyl bonded phase gives shorter analysis times while still maintaining high resolution when compared to longer chain bonded chemistries.
Name: YMC-Pack TMS
Description:YMC-Pack TMS columns are bonded with trimethylmonochlorosilane to create a phase with intermediate polarity for analysis of extremely hydrophobic compounds using conventional reversed-phase solvents and highly polar compounds using highly aqueous solvents. The unique chemistry of TMS is also well-suited for the analysis of multifunctional compounds. Selectivity characteristics of a C1 bonded phase can be unique and samples must be tested to determine the applicability of the phase.
YMC-Pack Ph
Name: YMC-Pack Ph
Description:Phenyl columns provide unique selectivity when compared to aliphatic straight chain reversed phases such as ODS, C8 and C4. The π electrons of the phenyl group can interact with the aromatic ring of an analyte to increase retention relative to non-aromatic species. Phenyl also has application as an alternative to ODS and C4, for the analysis of peptides and proteins, on both small pore 120Å and wide-pore 300Å silica supports. Retention is decreased on wide-pore phenyl phases relative to 120Å phenyl material. Generally, as pore size increases surface area decreases, resulting in shorter retention times.
Name: YMC-Pack CN
Description:In addition, the unique nitrile chemistry provides different selectivity from both phenyl and standard aliphatic(C18, C8 and C4) reversed-phase packing. Large pore size 300Å packing materials are also available for the analysis of biomolecules.

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