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YMC-UltraHT Pro C18 / YMC-Pack Pro C18
Name: YMC-UltraHT Pro C18 / YMC-Pack Pro C18
Description:The choice of columns for analysis of difficult compounds by HPLC YMC-Pack Pro C18 columns start with a tightly controlled, highly purified silica gel, followed by a high-coverage C18 bonding and finish with a unique endcapping procedure utilizing Lewis acid-Lewis base chemistry. 2 μm particle size columns YMC-UltraHT series are specifically designed for high-speed and high throughput analysis.
YMC-UltraHT Hydrosphere C18 / Hydrosphere C18
Name: YMC-UltraHT Hydrosphere C18 / Hydrosphere C18
Description:The combination of ultra pure silica and unique selectivity leads to a stationary phase that fulfills the relevant requirements of HPLC users.
YMC-Pack Pro C18 RS
Name: YMC-Pack Pro C18 RS
Description:Pro C18 RS has excellent peak shape for the separation of basic compounds because of high quality end capping. Pro C18 RS has high recognition of stereoselectivity because of high carbon polymeric type bonding.
YMC-Pack Pro C8&C4
Name: YMC-Pack Pro C8&C4
Description:All phases in the Pro-family are ideal for the analysis of all types of organic molecules but specifically basic and metal chelating compounds. The ultrapure silica and very low residual silanol activity means that these columns frequently do not require the use of ion-pairing reagents or ion-suppression techniques, making them ideal for LC/MS applications.

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