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Affinity Chromatography
Name: Affinity Chromatography
Description:Affinity chromatography(AFC) is performed on a support that is functionalized with a ligand that shows biological affinity for a particular enzyme or other biological molecule.
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Name: Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Description:In HIC, a weakly non-polar stationary phase is used with an aqueous mobile phase containing a high concentration of a chaotropic salt. The technique is mainly applied to the separation of proteins, which are eluted by gradually reducing the salt concentration.
Normal Phase Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography
Name: Normal Phase Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography
Description:While reversed phase is the most widely used mode of retention in HPLC, very polar compounds are often not sufficiently retained in low percent organic, or even in 100% aqueous mobile phase. The order of elution in normal phase is opposite that found in RPC for the same mixture of compounds. Although non-polar organic mobile phases and a silica stationary phase were used traditionally in normal phase LC, today most normal phase separations are performed with aqueous-organic mobile phases and a more polar-bonded stationary phase. This mode of HPLC is now commonly referred to as HILIC, hydrophilic interaction chromatography.
Anion Exchange Chromatography
Name: Anion Exchange Chromatography
Description:Anion exchange chromatography is practiced with either a strong or a weak anion exchange column, containing a quarternary ammonium ion, or with a weak anion exchanger, having either a tertiary or secondairy amine functional group, such as DEAE(diethylaminoethyl). A counter ion, often Cl- maintains electroneutrality.
Cation Exchange Chromatography
Name: Cation Exchange Chromatography
Description:Cation exchange chromatography is practiced with either a strong or a weak cation exchange column, containing a sulfonium ion, or with a weak cation exchanger, having usually a carboxymethyl(CM) functional group. A counter ion, often Na+ maintains electroneutrality.
8.0 nm Monomeric RP Silica Columns
Name: 8.0 nm Monomeric RP Silica Columns
Description:For analysis of small molecules, the 10 nm pore size, 5 micron particle size TSKgel 80Tm and 80Ts columns are offered in 4 different chemistries to suit a variety of needs.
10 nm Monomeric RP Silica Columns
Name: 10 nm Monomeric RP Silica Columns
Description:TSKgel ODS-100V and TSKgel ODS-100Z columns incorporate the best-in-class surface properties to limit secondary interactions of basic, acidic and chelating compounds. Take advantage of the benefits of high column efficiency and symmetrical peak shapes to reduce your analysis and method development time!
2.3 micron Super Series RP Silica
Name: 2.3 micron Super Series RP Silica
Description:TSKgel Super-ODS, Super-Octyl and Super-Phenyl columns are prepared from spherical 2.3 µm silica particles with 14 nm pore diameter. The silica beads in the columns are extremely uniform in size which provides column efficiencies of more than 160,000 plates per meter, yet have a pressure drop comparable to columns packed with 3 µm particles. The main advantages of the Super Series columns are savings in time and solvent usage, in addition to the improved quantitation resulting from reduced band broadening.
Speciality RP Silica Columns
Name: Speciality RP Silica Columns
Description:There are three specialty reversed phase TSKgel columns with silica base support: TSKgel ODS-120A, TSKgel 120T, and TSKgel OligoDNA-RP.
High Throughput RP Silica Columns
Name: High Throughput RP Silica Columns
Description:TSKgel ODS-140HTP columns provide high resolution and short analyses time at moderate pressures, enabling high throughput separations. The polylayer bonding chemistry of the 2 µm particle size of these columns results in highly efficient and durable columns.

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