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OA-3000 series column
Name: OA-3000 series column
Description:OA-3000 Series columns are effective in separating carboxylic acid compounds, especially acetyl and polyurethane amino acid compounds. The OA-3300 columncan directly separate ibuprofen, acetamino acid, BOC-amino acid and benzyl amino acid.
OA-2000 series column
Name: OA-2000 series column
Description:OA-2000 series column can be directly separated aromatic, esters, carboxylic acids and alcohol compounds isomers, such as OA-2000 column synthesis of pyrethrins, OA-2500 separable ibuprofen drugs
OA-4000 series column
Name: OA-4000 series column
Description:The OA-4000 Series columns achieve chiral recognition by charge-transfer and hydrogen-bond interactions and are capable of separating a wide variety of compounds such as amines and amino alcohols in pharmaceuticals, alcohols, esters and amides, It can be used the normal mode to Separated. In the separation of amide and polyurethane derivatives, alcohols, high efficiency is avalible.
OA-5000 and OA-6000 series
Name: OA-5000 and OA-6000 series
Description:The OA-5000 and OA-6000 series columns perform chiral recognition in a reversed-phase mode by a coordination exchange interaction. OA-5000 chiral ligand is penicillamine coated on ODS silica gel surface. OA-6000 chiral ligand is tartaric acid derivative coated on the ODS silica gel surface, limiting the amount of organic solvent added to the mobile phase, and The mobile phase of the OA-5000 and OA-6000 series columns must contain Cu2 + ions. This series of columns not only effectively separates amino acids, enantiomers of hydroxy acids, but also separates compounds formed by copper chelation, such as aminoalcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, aminolactams and dipeptides. In particular, the OA-5000 column is extremely versatile and the OA-6000 is effective in separating β-amino acids, β-hydroxy acids and hydrophilic alminic acid.
OA-7000 series column
Name: OA-7000 series column
Description:OA-7000 column chiral stationary phase is β-cyclodextrin through a new type of space-mode bonded silica gel. A large number of racemates can be isolated under reversed phase conditions, including ketones, amines, amino acid derivatives.
OA-8000 series column
Name: OA-8000 series column
Description:OA-8000 column chiral stationary phase is crown ether chiral bonding aminopropyl silica gel, which can effectively separate amine, amino alcohol and amino acid enantiomers, especially hydrophobic amine.

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