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        A tourist to Da lian of Greenherbs


        A tourist to Da lian of Greenherbs

        All the staff of Greenherbs went on a four-day tourist to Dalian in late summer.

        Sailing is a way of life ,and even shows an attitude of life. The wind is good, we brothers go sailing together. Our journey is the stars of the sea. We fly our sailing dream. Based on sailing boat, we develop action ability, enhance the team relationship, stand together through storm and stress of understanding.


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        Bangchuidao is a landscape which is consist of mountains,seas,islands and beaches.There sides of it are around by mountains, one side is next to sea. The reason why we call it Bangchuidao is because there is an unexpected island standing 500 miles away from bank,and it looks like a Bangchui that we used to clean clothes.

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        After great breakfast, we are laughing all the way ahead to Jingshi Beach for fishing. It's exciting to go fishing on a fishing boat headed by a boat boss. We travel along with the auspicious birds, feed the seagulls,taste sea food and go fishing. That is just as a saying said :      fishing is much better than eating fish. We never need to worry about food and money,because there is enough water and fish. Hahaha, please look at our funny posture......

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        There are Venice Water City, Lotus Hill Observatory and the Russian style street,which make people linger over. It seems to stay in Venice on the boat that moment.

        Every few minutes , the boat will pass through a bridge. You take pictures of scenery on the shore at the same time you are also the scene of people on the shore, as if you are part of the landscape.

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        Ho, it is so happy to kiss a little sea lion, which makes others envy of you, so let’s look forward to next journey together!

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