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Sales: Cosmosil HPLC Column

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Sales: Cosmosil HPLC Column


Original imported column in sales, competitive price, comparable quality and service.

Sales period: Oct 1st, 2013 – Oct 31st, 2013

Product introduction

1.CosmosilC18-MS-II, regular C18 column, applies new end-capping technique, has sharp peak when separating alkaline compounds, low silica absorbance, suitable for separating chelate compounds. PH range between 2.5 to 10.

2.Cosmosil C18-AR-II, aciduric C18 column, high acidoresistance, PH range between 1.5 to 7.5. in acetonitrile, aciduric compounds have sharp peak and no tailing, suitable for separating chelate compounds, acid compounds, and alkaline compounds.

3.Cosmosil C18-PAQ, hydrophilic C18 column, able to apply 100% water as liquid phase. This type of column bonded C18 with silica, therefore has high acidoresistance, especially suitable for separating hydrophilic compounds. PH range between 2.5 to 7.5.

4.Cosmosil Sugar-D, applies 5µm high purity multihole spherical silica gel, has good separation result on monose and oligose, has sharp peak and no tailing, long performance life, more suitable for separating highly hydrophilic compounds which cannot be reserved on normal ODS solid phase.

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