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TSKgel G2000SWXL (Specified Batch) column application

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TSKgel G2000SWXL (Specified Batch) column application


TSKgel SW packing is generally designed for GFC (gel filtration chromatography for water-soluble samples) to separate proteins and peptides. The surface of the packing material has low adsorption and uniform pore size distribution through covalent bonds and polar diol groups. A wide range of TSK-GEL analytical and preparative columns are available for the reverse-phase chromatographic analysis of small molecular weight pharmaceuticals, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acid fragments, peptides and proteins. TSKgel G2000SWXL column particle size is 5um, and column size is 7.8 * 300mm, and molecular weight exclusion limit (protein) is 1 * 105. The column is divided into ordinary batches and specified batches. Specified batches of columns are dedicated to analyzing the following:

1.QBT 2653-2004 soybean peptide powder

2. QBT 4707-2014 corn oligopeptide powder

3. GBT22492-2008 soy peptide powder

4. GBT22729-2008 ocean fish oligopeptide powder

5.WS1-XG-2002 hepatic hydrolyzing peptide injection

6. WS1-XG-042-2008 Thymosin

7. XG-021-2002 Coriolus versicolor peptide

8. Brain protein hydrolyzate injection national drug standards

9. Cerebroside kinin injection of national standards

10. compound brain peptide ganglioside injection

11. Compound Qu peptide injection

12. Troxerutin brain protein hydrolyzate injection

13. Monosialin four sugar ganglioside sodium

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