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Formal Channel for Chiral Preparation-Daicel & Beijing Greenherbs Joint Laboratory

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Formal Channel for Chiral Preparation-Daicel & Beijing Greenherbs Joint Laboratory


The joint laboratory of Daicel Pharmaceutical Chiral Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. & Beijing Greenherbs Technology Development Co., Ltd. will provide professional analytical method development and testing, product separation and purification solutions and filler screening, chiral and achiral compounds of preparation.

At present, the joint aboratory has 12 types of celluloid chiral analytical columns and corresponding preparative columns. These columns can resolve more than 90% of chiral compounds. The diameter of the preparation column is 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm and 5cm, and can undertake the compound preparation service of milligram-hundred milligrams and gram-hundred grams. The ee value of the enantiomer can be more than 99%, and the yield can be at least 85%. Our preparation method development instrument can install 12 analytical chromatographic columns at the same time, using a short column of 15cm, and adopt the automatic switching system of the chromatographic column, which greatly improves the efficiency of method development, and can complete the development of traditional solvent methods in 16 hours. Chiral chromatographic columns not only separate chiral compounds, but also the main targets and impurities or impurities and impurities in some achiral compounds. Therefore, in addition to the preparation of chiral compounds, we can also do some non-chiral compounds. Preparation services for main targets or impurities in chiral compounds.

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