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Takeda and Pfizer in China to promote Actos (R) (pioglitazone)

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Takeda and Pfizer in China to promote Actos (R) (pioglitazone)


December 14, 2009, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Takeda") and Pfizer, Inc. ("Pfizer") announced that reached a the agreement, Pfizer will be in China with Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a joint promotion of Takeda's diabetes drug Actos ? (pioglitazone). The exclusive joint promotion agreement will be based on Actos sales in China by increasing staff to support the product marketing and sales, and the use of Pfizer to expand sales in existing business areas covered. Actos net sales of fixed rate will be credited to the branch of Pfizer in China. Actos is a drug for type II diabetes treatment, since 2004, a joint venture by Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Lisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tianjin Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. responsible for sales in China.

China is now the world's fifth largest pharmaceutical market, will jump to the third largest market is estimated to be 2011. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that, due to the large population, rapid urbanization and rapid economic development, the incidence of diabetes is very likely a substantial increase in China.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. International Operations, Executive Vice President Alan MacKenzie said, "This is an excellent opportunity to enhance our business in China, We are very pleased cooperation with Pfizer to make Actos the benefit of more patients. We are committed to the health of people in China to make its own contribution by a strong sales and market mechanisms to promote our products in the patients and medical workers, and hope in China by further expanding our talent pool achieve this goal. "

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