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Detection of "waste oil" Shanghai will be evidence-based

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Detection of "waste oil" Shanghai will be evidence-based


Dining kitchen waste grease Detection Technology is considered a breakthrough in regulatory Yanzu Jiang, Shanghai Food Safety Office, under the strong support of the Municipal Science and Technology, Shanghai Cereals and Oils Research Institute participated in the dining kitchen waste grease method of identifying national standardshas confirmed the oxidation of triglyceride polymers (TGP) is the characteristic index of "waste oil", and build the only meal kitchen waste grease sample libraries, important to detect and determine the meal kitchen waste greasebasic data. The city's food and drug supervision departments also active in the dining kitchen waste grease to identify rapid detection technology is further demonstrated improved.

In order to prevent the meal kitchen waste oil into a waste oil back table, the Food and Drug Administration, quality and technical supervision department with the green city management departments, and related enterprises to strengthen the declaration of the dining kitchen waste grease. Shanghai's existing waste oil to produce Kitchenware 256 060 catering units, 60% of the units required to declare the basic coverage of large and medium-sized catering units. Currently, the daily amount of waste oil into the city's two formal end of the disposal of businesses, from the first half of last year's daily average of more than 10 tons to 68 tons from the previous "food" into the "eat".

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