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59 new gas chromatography standards were added to the standard GC method in 2016

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59 new gas chromatography standards were added to the standard GC method in 2016


In 2016, the SITA, Ministry of Agriculture, MIIT and MEP released various analytical method standards or solicitation opinions for many times in succession, including clearly specifying the standard of instrument analysis method. According to incomplete statistics of the instrument information network, in 2016, all government departments released official standards and solicitation opinions for more than 100 times.

According to the information network of the instrument, which is not fully tracked and reported, a total of 59 relevant standards of the GC / MS apparatus published or solicited by various departments in FY2016 are involved, including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, ion chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, Liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry with seven types of instruments. From the type of analytical instruments, the majority are gas chromatography and liquid chromatography methods; from the release of the department, the National Standards Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Agriculture released are the standard number of the top three.

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