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New environmental standards summary of half 2017!

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New environmental standards summary of half 2017!


At present, China has formed two levels and five categories of environmental protection standard system, which are national and local level standards, including environmental quality standards, pollutant discharge (control) standards, environmental monitoring standards, environmental management standards and environmental standards standard.

As of the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 1941 national environmental protection standards were released (including 493 issued during the "12th Five-Year Plan"), with the abolition of 244 standards and 1697 current standards. Among the current environmental protection standards, there are 16 environmental quality standards, 161 pollutant discharge (control) standards, 1001 environmental monitoring standards, 481 management standards and 38 environmental standards.

According to the 13th Five-Year Development Plan of the State Environmental Protection Standard, about 800 environmental protection standards will be released in the future, including about 100 quality standards and pollutant discharge (control) standards, about 400 environmental monitoring standards, About 300 standards and management standards to support key environmental management tasks.

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