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The 66th China International pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging, equipment fairs

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The 66th China International pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging, equipment fairs


As China's largest and most representative of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry event of the latest products and technologies. API CHINA & CHINA, at INTERPHEX focused on improving the overall level of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical equipment, production, R & D provide the public with safe and healthy drug protection. Show after 40 years of development, has formed more than 1,000 raw material drug production enterprises, the scale of more than 300 pharmaceutical and packaging businesses, more than 200 pharmaceutical equipment companies and more than 30,000 home and abroad, professional audience. China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association's exclusive support of the exhibition brings together industry leaders to demonstrate the most advanced product technology to help companies to interpret policies and regulations, industry production levels and to reflect industry trends, brand event . The API and at INTERPHEX CHINA CHINA jointly organized and supported by more than 97 percent of China top 100 enterprises of the pharmaceutical industry to provide the best opportunity to establish an information exchange and business cooperation with the target customers for the pharmaceutical business decisions, procurement, technology, R & D personnel.


Pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, chemicals exhibition of pharmaceutical packaging materials pharmaceutical equipment exhibition

Drug packaging materials ; ; Pharmaceutical

Packaging equipment, printing ; ; Fine Chemical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical raw materials machinery ; ; chemical raw materials

Preparation machineryExcipients

Chinese medicine equipmentChinese medicine raw materials

Pharmaceutical milling machinerynatural medicine

Pieces of machineryfood and cosmetics additive

Drug testing equipment ; ; pharmaceutical water equipment

Other pharmaceutical machineryBiotechnology

Outsourcing production and services professional associations and the media

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