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CPhI China exhibition (CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China)

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CPhI China exhibition (CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China)


21 to 23 June 2011, sponsored by the Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the European CMP Exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd. (UBM International Media), Haibo China international Exhibition Co., Ltd. in association with the CPhI China exhibition (CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China) "will be held in Shanghai. 10 years since 2001 in Shanghai, China. As a show of its kind Asia's largest and highest level of international exhibitions, CPhI China exhibition has become an important international platform for the majority of pharmaceutical companies "display, transaction, exchange, cooperation". Exhibition in the domestic pharmaceutical companies to expedite the implementation of the international market at the same time, also contributed to the pharmaceutical foreign trade prosperity and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

Green Herbs Technology attaches great importance to this exhibition and colleagues and their customers to exchange and learning. Fully prepared to participate in the Shanghai CPhI China show. Set 2 standard booths, and science and technology in the Green Herbs CPHI2011 meeting Booth fifth Pavilion W5G28, the exhibition will introduce the latest products and brands of the main generation, not only have detailed information, and will be the site to showcase our products show our experienced professionals site to answer and communication are welcome to visit our friends.

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