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2011 CPhI CPHI China exhibition

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2011 CPhI CPHI China exhibition


2011.6.21 Exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd. by the European Bo Wen, the Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, on the 11th of the Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. in association with CPhI China exhibition CPhI China and the world contract customized services Exhibition (ICSE China), the world's pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials, China Exhibition (P-MEC China), as well as the biopharmaceutical Show BioPh China earlier three-day grand opening in Shanghai new International Expo Centre. The number of the exhibition pavilion over 10, an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, 1800 exhibitors, has developed into the largest in Asia, the world's second largest pharmaceutical raw materials class show a vast number of pharmaceutical companies "show, the transaction , an important international platform for exchange, cooperation. Exhibition in the domestic pharmaceutical companies to expedite the implementation of the international market at the same time, also contributed to the pharmaceutical foreign trade prosperity and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

reintroduction of the organizers at the exhibition "2011 World biochemical, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition (LAB World China 2011), relying on huge CPhI China exhibition the platform of exhibitors and more than 1500 domestic pharmaceutical companies on the same stage show, the lAB World China an outstanding advantages, pharmaceutical companies and laboratory equipment manufacturers to achieve seamless communication on the platform. Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Green Herbs as the separation of pharmaceutical suppliers of purification equipment and supplies, set two standard booths, the introduction of the company's latest product, a live demonstration of the main agent of the products, and technology teacher site to answer customers' problems .

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