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2011 Beijing Green Herbs

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2011 Beijing Green Herbs


moment in this New Year, Beijing Green the Baicao Technology Development Co., Ltd. in January 7, 2012, held in Jiuhua "Challenge 2012" the year activities . Leadership, all the staff gathered together to welcome spring.

The annual activities of knowledge contests, interactive games, lucky draw. We all carefully prepared to actively participate in a rewarding experience. Through this event, and promote exchanges and communication between employees, enhance team awareness of all employees, full of the corporate culture of the Green Herbs.

Greenherbs Science

Knowledge contest - answer in part

Greenherbs Science

Interactive games --- folder mung bean

Greenherbs Science

The lottery winners pictures

After the meeting, all the staff dinner, we drink a toast, the whole year in the successful conclusion of a harmonious and warm atmosphere. New starting point, new opportunities, the company will usher in new challenges and redouble their efforts to create new glories.

Greenherbs Science

Beijing Green Herbs all staff posed for pictures

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