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Great Success of Seminars in Jinan and Tianjin

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Great Success of Seminars in Jinan and Tianjin


Organized by Beijing Greenherbs Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd, the seminar of The Principle and Applications of Purification and Separation was held on April 17th, 2012 in the spring city – Jinan. Next to Jinan seminar, the seminar came to Tianjin on April 19th. With the support and participation from customers and suppliers, both Jinan and Tianjin Seminars gained great success.

The seminars were organized by Beijing Greenherbs Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd, sponsored by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, we especially invited Professor Professor Huang Junxiong from The Chinese Academy of Sciences to give lecture about Nonlinear HPLC and its Applications in Industrialized Separation and Purification. Professor Huang Junxiong, the student of one of the HPLC founders – Csaba Horvath, received his Master Degree, M. Ph. and Ph.D in Engineering and Applied Sciences in Bioengineering from Yale, then went to Tennessee State University and Oak Forest National Laboratory and did research in the lab of the famous expert of nonlinear chromatography theory – Georges Guiochon. After return to China, Professor Huang Junxiong was assigned as the researcher of Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The lectures of Professor Huang Junxiong received positive comments from participants, customers had nice knowledge exchange with Professor Huang Junxiong during the seminar. Participants also gave good comments to the seminar, especially appreciated Professor Huang Junxiong's lecture. In the seminar, participants also joined the lucky-draw, which strengthened the friendship with customers and draw a perfect end to the seminar.

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Greenherbs Seminar Tour in Nanjing and Hangzhou will be held on May 15th and 17th in 2012, we welcome participants from all customers in the industry.

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