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Greenhebs Xiaogan Fund started - Thanksgiving parents

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Greenhebs Xiaogan Fund started - Thanksgiving parents


China ancient etiquette state, filial piety is arranged in the first. Greenherbs carries a grateful heart, pursues the "hundred good filial piety first" ancient saying. In order to thanks Green Herbs parents cultivate excellent employees, Greenherbs Technology Development Co., Ltd. established "Greenherbs Xiaogan Fund" in 2013 to help the parents to fight the disease.

An employee father of our company verified that he had esophageal cancer in August 2013. Greenherbs immediately start the "Greenherbs Xiaogan Fund" to help him to weather the storm. With the help of this fund, his father recovered quickly too. Relentless disease, human love. In the Greenherbs family, we always feel the warmth of home. Greenherbs parents are the greatest, he (she) have spent their whole life unselfishly dedicated to children. As his or her children, we should be filial to the elderly as they age. Greenherbs always maintain a grateful heart, thanks to their parents create a miracle of life. In a limited life, Greenherbs will cherish the good old days with their parents.

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