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Dating CPHI, good gifts to send non-stop

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Dating CPHI, good gifts to send non-stop


From June 20 to 22, 2017, Beijing Greenherbs Technology Development Co., Ltd. will participate in the "17th World Pharmaceutical Ingredients Exhibition in China". Greenherbs Booth is located at Hall N1, Hall N1, Shanghai New International Expo Center. Welcome new and old customers to consult exchange. Live attention Greenherbs WeChat public number to send gifts.

Exhibits preview

1, Raptor biphenyl column

The biphenyl column, first developed in 2005, is Restek's most popular LC stationary phase, because of its particular interest in the separation of compounds that are difficult to separate or elute from the phenyl column with traditional C18. Raptor's biphenyl columns provide fast and efficient separation of analytes such as drug and metabolite analysis, especially for projects that require MS analysis with fast, reliable selectivity.

2, Rxi gas phase column

The Rxi series of gas columns characteristics of low bleed, high reproducibility, and high inertia to extend uptime and accurate data quickly.

3, MCI packing

Mitsubishi Chemical can offer ion exchange resins and synthetic adsorbents for many applications, particularly in the pharmaceuticals. Through chromatographic process, Mitsubishi Chemical's packing can be used in pharmaceutical desalination, impurity removal; selective extraction of concentrated natural drugs, fermentation products; and enzyme immobilization, in situ solid phase adsorption.

4, the fine separation of plant extracts

5, Nacalai reagents

Nacalai Tesque, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and sale of fine chemicals, consumables, biotechnology and laboratory equipment.

6, Silgreen liquid chromatography column

SilGreen liquid chromatography column was Jointly launched by Beijing Greenherbs Technology Development Co., Ltd. and well-known foreign brands. Currently in addition to ordinary ODS column, also introduced the ODS-AQ column, but also provide H, Ca-type sugar analysis column. SilGreen Ca columns are water-based mobile phases that can be used to separate sugars and sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol from baked goods.

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