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Greenherbs lighting LABWorld China 2017, two column products won a great reputation

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Greenherbs lighting LABWorld China 2017, two column products won a great reputation


From June 20 to 22, 2017, LABWorld China 2017 was successfully held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Greenherbs brings packed media, columns, chemical reagents and laboratory equipment and related technical services were invited to participate in LABWorld China 2017, and the scene to the China Chemical Instrument Network reporter focused on displaying a variety of equipment and technical services company. In the meantime, the SilGreen columns and Restek Raptor liquid columns brought by Greenherbs Technology have won the attention of the majority of exhibitors.

SilGreen ODS column is a C18 column developed by Beijing Greenherbs Technology Development Co., Ltd. It is a L1 liquid column complying with the requirements of the U.S. P. It uses spherical silica with surface bonded octadecyl groups of 5 μm in diameter and 120 in diameter . SilGreen Series C18 columns are one of the most commonly used ODS columns due to their high theoretical plate count, excellent separation performance, and good reproducibility. This series of C18 columns are hydrophobic and selective for a wide range of applications and can be used for linezolid, ezetimibe and other material separations. With "high purity silicone, low metal content," "good mechanical stability," "good batch reproducibility" and so on.

Restek Raptor liquid chromatography column was designed by the United States Restek company. Founded in Pennsylvania as Incubator Project, Restek is the world's second-largest manufacturer of GC columns and chromatography accessories and one of the top 5 Surface Treatment Technology and Analytical Technologies companies in the world with GC columns, HPLC columns, Pre-chromatographic products, environmental sampling products, chromatography standards and a series of well-known product lines. For more than 30 years, Restek has stuck to its philosophy of "Pure Chromatography," aimed to provide chromatography engineers with the complete range of products they need in work, such as columns, front end sample handling, gas sample collection, standards (gas, liquid, Components, multi-component), etc., Restek also provide users with cost-effective equipment accessories. In addition, although Restek's products are not large-scale instruments, the service industries are extremely diverse and serve a wide range of aspects such as environmental protection, petrochemical, aerospace, food and pharmaceutical research and development.

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