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Founded in 1999, Beijing Greenherbs is located Nanshao Town, Changping District, Beijing. It is engaged in providing purity materials、chromatographic columns, chemical agents and lab equipment, as well as related technical services. Our products are applied for many fields as pharmacy, biology, foodstuff and environment. With quality products and services, Greenherbs has set up long and stable relationship in corporation. It is recognized by many enterprises and research institutes as “Designated Supplier” with supports from the government, which issues different professional certificates, including Certificate for Import and Export for Enterprises of the PRC issued by the Foreign Economy Ministry, and Business License for Dangerous Chemicals in Beijing issued by Beijing Supervision Bureau for Safe Production.
In more than ten years, Greenherbs has developed a series of products and technical services in chromatographic consumables. Many international companies appoint Greenherbs as their exclusive agent or first level agent, including Mitsubishi Chemicals, Canada Silicycle Inc. , YMC Co., Ltd., America Benson Polymeric , Japanese TOSOH Corporation. Japanese Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd. Japanese Nacalai Tesque、Japanese SHINWA Chemical Industries Ltd、Japanese S.A.S Corporation、America USP reference materials、Europe reference materials EDQM、Britain LGC reference materials、Canada TRC reference materials and so on. Greenherbs has become one of the biggest suppliers of chromatography purification in China for medical and foodstuff.

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