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        YMC Carotenoid Analysis Columns


        Carotenoids are a generic term for a group of natural products found in animals, plants and microorganisms and are biosynthesized in plants and microorganisms. Common carotenoids are: lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids, carotene and so on. Carotenoids have a variety of biological functions in the human body and the effect of the configuration of the carotenoid molecule on their biological function and potency has drawn widespread attention. The same type of carotenoids in the body can exist in the form of different isomers, the biological function of these isomers significant differences. In order to understand the biological functions of carotenoids (including isomers) clearly and accurately, accurate data on the composition and content of carotenoids in food, blood and tissues must be obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to develop more accurate and rapid analytical techniques.

        YMC Carotenoid is a reversed-phase column with a C30 functional group bonded to a silica gel matrix. Compared with the traditional C18 column, YMC C30 is more hydrophobic. It can effectively separate complex and diverse carotenoids with similar structure Isomers, cis-trans isomers; In the National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Lutein in Food (Exposure Draft),The YMCTM Carotenoid column was used to analyze lutein in milk powder, frozen drinks, rice products, bakery products, jams, jellies and beverages, achieving better results Analysis of the results.

        Column Features:

        1. Effective separation of carotenoid geometric isomers;

        2. For blood samples, food, natural product extracts and commercial preparations of carotenoids separation;

        3. Conditions for the recovery of low to medium water or non-aqueous mobile phases that can be used for LC / MS and preparative components.

        Attachment: National Food Safety Standard - Determination and Analysis of Lutein in Food Analysis and Mapping (Exposure Draft):

        Column: YMCTM Carotenoid, 5 μm, 250 mm × 4.6 mm

        Column temperature: 30 ℃;

        Mobile phase: methanol / water (88 + 12, volume ratio, containing 0.1% BHT) - methyl tert-butyl ether (containing 0.1% BHT), gradient elution.

        Flow rate: 1.0 mL / min;

        Detection wavelength: 445 nm;

        Injection volume: 50 μL.

        Note: The detection limit of this standard method is 0.03 μg / g, the limit of quantification of 0.1 μg / g

        Standard solution liquid chromatogram

        B.1 lutein (trans) standard solution liquid chromatogram说明:

        B.2 by iodine isomerized lutein (trans) standard solution liquid chromatogram说明:

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