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        Japan's sumitomo (SCAS) laboratory as a sample in the Asia Pacific region the first of this type of laboratory, rely on 30 years of development analysis technology, and provide all kinds of analysis service, satisfying the oil industry, chemical industry, semiconductor, electronics and pharmaceuticals each kind of demand. SUMICHIRAL OA series is a high performance of chiral separation column optical isomers of HPLC chromatographic column. SUMICHIRAL OA chromatographic column can directly separating various isomers, and from the fortified corresponding separated isomers, these may be present in the corresponding isomers hydrogen bond, the charge transfer and object interaction, etc. OA series chiral column can measure precise of chiral compounds of purity. Such as drugs, pesticides, and spices in the composition of the chiral structure.
        SUMICHIRAL OA series chiral column
        OA-2000 series column
        OA-3000 series column
        A-4000 series column
        OA-5000 and OA-6000 series
        OA-7000 series column
        OA-8000 series column