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        TOSOH mainly for biological pharmaceutical and biological technology enterprise provide biological separation product, is the world specializes in chromatographic chromatography of product suppliers. At present has developed more than 500 kinds of products to meet the biological chemist and biotechnology scientists to protein, peptides, enzymes, and the oligonucleotide, antibiotics and biological small molecular analysis, separation and purification methods of the need to improve. Tosoh also provides TSK-GEL packed column and packing, and Toypearl and preparation of the resin series products, and can be used for laboratory and industrial application scale. In addition to product high quality products, TOSOH company also provides corresponding application help, technical services and user support.
        TSK-GEL column chromatography
        HPLC chromatographic column of the medium, is the laboratory analysis of biological molecules that the general chromatography. Column packing material is silica gel or polymer matrix, size distribution of 2.5-20 μ m. Chromatographic column by stainless steel or glass, and size have analysis to preparation size, standard size, and card set of structure size, etc. TSK-GEL in sizes ruled out, ion exchange, hydrophobic reaction, reverse phase, is phase, affinity and HAP (hydroxyapatite) to protein chromatography, peptide, biological polymers, most analysis content analysis. Still have a few fashion design special column used to analysis of carbohydrate, as well as to the ion exchange and hydrophobic reaction chromatographic column provide bulk packing
        TOYOPEARL resin
        TOYOPEARL packing is a big hole in bulk of the hydrophilic biological treatment medium, specially for the enlargement of chromatographic application. TOYOPEARL packing matrix has the methyl methacrylate ester skeleton structure, its rigid guarantee excellent pressure/flow properties, in PH 2-14 range work stable. 20-50 μ m ultrafine particle size of the highest level column efficiency, 40-90 μ m mid-range for economical purification particle size, 50-150 μ m macrolevel adapted to the large size chromatography. The big hole packing size assure the high biological molecules capacity and good rapid cycle times of dynamics. Chemical properties and TSK-GEL PW column packing of the same. In size rule out, ion exchange, scanty water affinity chromatography reaction, with the application.