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        General electric medical biological science Co., LTD was the predecessor of the province and biotech companies.
        Amersham is a world leading biological technology products company. The aim in life science field for engaged in the research and production of scientific research personnel to provide advanced science and technology, instruments and reagents, in order to effectively from the genes to speed up production of the drug development process. At the same time, for active in life science and engaged in the genes to research and production in the field of drug users with a world advanced level of technology, equipment, reagent and best after-sale service.
        GE Healthcare products including molecular biology reagents, electrophoresis apparatus, chromatography equipment, chromatography medium, membrane separation, spectrophotometer etc, covers the upstream to downstream from molecular biology biological macromolecules purification all the process. Many famous brand's, such as biochemical reagents USB, electrophoresis reagent DIGE, PlusOne, electrophoresis apparatus Hofer, Ettan, luminous reagent ECL, Hybond imprinted membrane, chromatography Sephadex medium, Sepharose, HiTrap, etc.
        GE Healthcare products enjoy very high reputation in the user, and the leading technology, complete kinds, excellent quality and considerate service to get many customers.