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        EDQM standard material is specially screening, and by the European pharmacopoeia commission to test the standard material after confirmation. According to the standards of material USES (such as identification and purity, inspection, the content determination), may be as international coordination of the research project. According to ISO guideline set up with the basic principle and distribute standard material. These standard materials can be identified in the test, the material inspection, the content determination, drug analysis used as reference substance, can also be used to instrument calibration.
        EDQM is designated as the standard of international WHO antibiotics cooperation calibration center
        The WHO biological products standardization experts committee 56 meeting, EDQM is designated as the standard international WHO antibiotics (ISA) collaboration calibration and distribution centers. Responsible for the standard international EDQM antibiotics preparation, storage and distribution. WHO antibiotics international standard product is usually used to establish the lab daily used to examine and the content determination of regional or national secondary standard product.