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        Waters of chromatographic column career began in 1963, the last 40 years, Waters take a series of innovation, including the first goods GPC, mass spectrometry, HPLC instruments, led the modern chromatography and practice, then has introduced the separation of standardized products, some of which products are completely reshape the analysis method.
        The amorphous silica gel from classic packing-uBondapak beyond the age that the hybrid particle technology packing-XTerra ®, the analysis of the Waters of chromatographic column experienced decades of development, during which a number of products is recognized as the chromatographic development milestone. Atlantis ™ chromatographic column were quickly accepted for family polarity of separation of components industrial solutions, Symmetry ® series was left a chromatographic column between the reproducibility of reference standard. SunFire ™ chromatographic column for HPLC silica gel column chromatography is founded the new standard separation properties.