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        Japan and the company is the production of gas and liquid chromatographic column of company, especially ULTRON ES-OVM series chiral liquid chromatographic column is a silicon kin alloy protein type chiral chromatographic column. Chiral separation is based on hydrophobic interactions and realize the polarity interaction. ULTRON ES-OVM series chromatographic column has set up a file in the national drug standards WS-(X-019) 2002 Z as specified in chiral chromatographic column, and in the international application is wider.
        Grass green technology company in China and Japan is one class representative.
        ULTRON ES-OVM series chromatographic column
        Egg kind of sticky protein chiral stationary phase fixed to the silica gel
        This column for the characteristics of chiral recognition range, water as mobile phase, and used to trace analysis in pharmaceutical analysis is widely used in the U.S. and L57 pharmacopoeia
        The characteristics of the column
        Provide high theoretical tower board number and resolution
        Packing has chemical stability and long life
        Chiral stationary phase can be suitable for inverse mobile phase, can determine the precise optical purity of material.