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        Mitsubishi chemical company is a comprehensive company, by a mitsubishi company and mitsubishi oil into the Co., LTD in October 1, 1994 merger and into. Mitsubishi chemical sales in Japan in chemical industry in the first place. Mitsubishi chemical group by mitsubishi chemical company and its subsidiaries (owned or joint venture) composition. Mitsubishi chemical Hong Kong Co., LTD established in Hong Kong in 1972, was called the mitsubishi oil Co., LTD, 1994, mitsubishi oil Co., LTD and mitsubishi into the company after the merger, the company has adopted the new composition of today reflects the parent company ─ mitsubishi chemical corporation. Mitsubishi chemical Hong Kong limited company in Hong Kong and mainland China for 30 years experience in the market. In recent years, the company focuses on promotion and function fine chemicals. Green grass sales most products are mitsubishi chemical company or group company or affiliated company production.
        Japan mitsubishi chemical packing has been available for more than 40 years of history, Diaion and Sepabeads brand of macroporous adsorption resin all over the world, which, in the adsorption quantity and uniform particles, high mechanical strength, not easy and broken, residues, pretreatment is famous for its less convenient world, mainly including HP, the SP series (in polystyrene vinyl benzene as matrix) and HP2MG series (with butyl methacrylate substrate).
        Beijing green grass technology Co., LTD. Is a mitsubishi chemical agent in China, comprehensive mitsubishi chemical agent macroporous adsorptive resin etc series products.