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        The United States pharmacopoeia is the United States government of drug quality standards and technical regulations to the verification method, also is the drug production, use, management, inspection of the legal basis.
        The United States pharmacopoeia text drug list separately according to legal medicines alphabetical order, each drug entry list mostly drug, molecular formula, CAS registration number, composition and content description, packaging and storage specifications and identification methods, dry weightlessness, burning scraps flare, the detection method regular project, the text of all kinds of drugs and after the test method and requirements of the general chapters and to various drugs of the general requirements of norm.
        USP standard product
        The standard USP in more than 130 countries get broad recognition and trust. The legal standard product is API USP, clothing, impurity, degradation products, food supplements, pharmacopoeia reagent and performance of the sample calibration agent, its characteristic extremely strict regulations. In legal USP-NF test and test must be used in the standard USP.
        The standard is usually used in the following test USP-NF:
        • identification test
        • the impurities or related compounds the limits of the test
        • apis and finished product content test
        • the system applicability test
        USP standard product can also be used as a correction agent, used for dissolution, particle counting, melting point and titration liquid calibration, also can be used in the blank and control experiment. Standard product is mainly used for chromatographic and spectrum method. In addition to the standard based on the USP-NF article besides, USP to analysis, clinical, pharmaceutical and research lab "Food chemical code (Food Chemicals Codex) specified in the standard product and tasted (quality chemical samples).
        In addition to the standard the USP, green grass company also to provide customers with various USP publications.