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        Japan Daicel chemical industrial company is a world famous chiral chromatographic column one of the producers. The chiral column applicability is very wide, mobile phase composition is simple. Has from the analysis, half the level of preparation to preparation specification.
        Ruby chemical industry corporation in the competition of fixed and CHIRAL chromatographic column in the field of research and development has 20 years of rich experience, choose polysaccharide derivatives AS CHIRAL stationary phase, the resolution ability, the sample weight and the durability etc. Has the most superior performance. Has introduced CHIRALPAK AD-H, CHIRALPAK AS-H, CHIRALCEL OJ-H, CHIRAL CEL OD-H and bonding type chromatographic column CHRALPAK IA, CHIRALPAK IB and CHIRALPAK IC three types, making use of the mobile phase chromatographic column range greatly get the expansion.