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        British Chrom wave-tech is produced in the world CHIRAL chromatographic column and solid phase extraction column is one of the professional manufacturers, CHIRAL chromatographic column have CHIRAL-AGP (accord with USP CHIRAL column L41), CHIRAL-CBH and CHIRAL-HAS 3 kinds, especially CHIRAL-AGP is the most widely used one of CHIRAL column.
        CHIRAL-AGP column is applicable to the chromatography, all types can be separated compounds such as amine (", still, uncle, season amine), acid (acid, weak acid), the GuangXie quality (amides, esters, alcohol, the PSF), etc. Not only can separate enantioselectivity isomers no derivatives, also can separate molecular weight is very wide drug compounds enantioselectivity isomers. Mirror the isomers of HPLC chiral resolution has become the mainstream of chiral separation technology.