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        • Name: GH-GEL硅胶填料系列

        Grass green technology and foreign professional production purification packing enterprise cooperation, the beginning of a green grass technology GH-GEL silica GEL packing listed. Including grass green technology and Asia A professional production of purification packing enterprise cooperation, introduced A SIL-A series of silica gel packing; In order to better satisfy the customer requirements, then grass green technology and North America a professional production of silica gel packing enterprise cooperation, launched another kind of SIL-B series of silica gel packing.
        GH-GEL of high purity spherical silica GEL packing, smooth surface, space distribution uniformity, good mechanical stability, high chemical stability. GH-GEL packing, there are all kinds of size and aperture, a ball and irregular type, the bonded-phase many varieties, and can satisfy the column and column preparation analysis, easy to enlarge production; In medicine, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, food, biological molecules, dye, etc widely used.