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        Germany Merck company as the first to chromatographic technology research and production manufacturer), in the development history of field chromatography for a century. Today, Merck has become the world's largest chromatography with silica gel producers, and at the same time or thin layer chromatography technology market leaders, and integrative chromatography with Chromolith become high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) technology pioneer.
        The main products include Merck series high purity inorganic reagents, equivalent solution and residual analysis standard solution, with organic compound preparation, solvent, board and thin layer chromatography column. As a global analysis reagent market leader, reagent bottle of Merck almost anywhere in the world in a laboratory found within. Merck is the only country in the world can provide complete high performance liquid chromatography consumables and solvent manufacturers, from chromatography packing, chromatographic column to chromatographic solvent, the benchmark reagent all available rooms. Chromolith integrative chromatographic column, is the latest so far, most of the leading technology analysis chromatographic column.